AG + JB | Record Collection – John Charles Bent

AG + JB | Record Collection

Client: Personal Project

Around the late spring / early summer of 2017, I realized I was out of control. My record collection had grown to a point where I could no longer keep up with I owned. Fortunately, I had been keeping track of my collection on Discogs. Discogs has an API that allows users to access data from the Discogs database, including data about your Discogs account. I was able to tap into the Discogs API to build a simple web application that allows me to see how many records I own, sort through my collection, and pull up data about each album. I built in a random album function to help me rediscover gems in my collection that I may have forgotten about.

Is this a super nerdy project? Yes. Do I regret making this? Absolutely not.

Skills Applied:
Working with APIs PHP Javascript AJAX Record Collecting